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Bing Lee Bloopers

Over the last few years I have had the absolute pleasure of working on the Bing Lee Radio campaigns with the Bing Lee team. We always have a good laugh. Here’s a bit of what happens behind the scene.

The music track was recorded by myself with Greg Thorsby (Guitar) Shannon Haritos (Double Bass) and me on Casio drums.


This is another installment of ‘From The Other Side Of The Glass’ produced by Brad Grisaffe and myself.

Andrew Host gives us a quick history lesson on magnetic recording tape.


Third Coast Audio Festival – Short Docs Challenge 2013


The Third Coast Audio Festival, 2013 ShortDocs Challenge invited anyone and everyone to produce a 3 minute audio story that was inspired by the idea of “appetite”.

This was my entry. It was co-produced and read by Matt Thomas, with special thanks to Ella James and Tim Carroll, for their voice contributions, and Jim Pike, and Gyprock for the music (music performed by Gyprock was recorded and mastered by myself).

My early audio career

This is a radio piece I produced with my colleague Brad Grisaffe at Audiobrien. Not only can you hear some of my sound design skills at work, but you can also learn a little bit about my early audio career at the same time.